Engagement. Community. Interaction. These are all things that you want for your brand, product and service. With social media changing faster than ever,  I am committed to bringing you measurable bottom line results by reaching your target audiences. Here's how I can help:


social media

I partner with you to map out a social media strategy that makes sense for your business and customers, and ensures consistency, reach, and influence. Let me take the headache out of social and provide your business with a relevant way to interact with your audience.


content management

I will create original content just for you. Whether it's blog posts, white papers or social media captions, I will help to provide topics that are trending in your community + give recommendations on how to best promote your content on social media.


email marketing

I can help create weekly emails and templates that will grow your newsletter lists to inform your customers about the latest and greatest happenings for your brand or business. This will create more leads for new clients, promote products and create a community.


brand enhancement

Are you portraying the heart and soul of your company through your brand? I help craft the essence of a company into a logo, drive interaction through colors, and create conversations with thoughtful content.

community engagement

The most important reason people use social media is to engage and belong! I engage on behalf of your brand to build ongoing, permanent relationships by applying a collective vision for the benefit of your community.


website updates

Does your website need a little refresher? Let me help! From design and content to SEO, I will make sure that your site is a place where your clients and readers want to shop, stay and suggest to a friend!